Trinchieri, who is about to greet the historical Euroleague week - about confidence boosters, "Valencia," and Pozzecco's dismissal

Trinchieri, who is about to greet the historical Euroleague week – about confidence boosters, “Valencia,” and Pozzecco’s dismissal

The historical Euroleague week greeted by Trinchieri – about confidence boosters, “Valencia,” and Pozzecco‘s dismissal On Tuesday, Kaunas “Žalgiris” strategist Andrea Trinchieri, who will start the second double Euroleague week in a row, assessed the upcoming opponents and Gianmarco Pozzecco‘s parting with Villeurbanne ASVEL.

On Tuesday, the “Žalgiris” team will start the double Euroleague week with a match against the basketball players of “Valencia,” who hold the 8-11th positions.

In the first clash between the two teams, Kazys Maksvytis‘ team lost at home with a score of 72:87.

“I remember well, as I watched the first game. It was a tough game for ‘Žalgiris.’ They are playing well now, very aggressive and accurate. It is always difficult to play at the ‘La Fonteta‘ arena. No matter what team I coached, it was never easy there. In this match, we will face many challenges, so we will have to be stable and improve. We will have to play the best we can, both defensively and offensively.” – “Valencia” started the season well, but then they had quite a few setbacks in a row. How will this affect Tuesday’s match?

  • You are right, now they are playing well again, so it will be even harder for us there.
  • How can you explain their inconsistency?
  • Many teams face such fluctuations. The Euroleague is the toughest tournament in team sports. It is almost impossible to maintain good form throughout the season. We won against ALBA, but suffered a painful defeat against ASVEL. This is a special week because for the first time in Euroleague history, two double weeks and national league matches follow each other. It is interesting to see what will happen to both ‘Žalgiris‘ and other teams. It’s a very strange situation.
  • Kevin Pangos made his debut for Valencia over the weekend, what impression did he leave and how will he fit into this team?
  • I saw him playing for about twelve or fourteen minutes. I can’t say much because essentially he didn’t play for a season and a half, and these were his first games for the Valencia team. He played, but Harper didn’t. If Harper can play against us, I think he will be the first choice. However, I am sure that Pangos will be very good for the Valencia team.
  • The team is not going through the best of times. How does this affect the players’ self-confidence?
  • I asked the doctor for confidence boosters. So far, he’s still looking for them.
  • How is Arnas Butkevičius‘ rehabilitation going?
  • I’m not the one to ask about that. I see that he is close to the team, and that is very important. I can’t wait for him to come back. His toughness and team spirit will make him a very important part of our puzzle.
  • ASVEL said goodbye to Gianmarco Pozzecco over the weekend, for whom Tony Parker had a lot of criticism. Do you think such behavior towards the coach is fair?
  • Do you want me to get in trouble? Coaches usually pay the price for poor results, it is common practice. It is what it is, and it won’t change. Sometimes it’s easier to change the coach than to manage the whole team.