Saras on Fenerbahce's Record in Panevezys: "We Book a Hotel and Move Here"

Saras on Fenerbahce’s Record in Panevezys: “We Book a Hotel and Move Here”

Sarunas Jasikevicius’ strategic decision to relocate EuroLeague games to Panevezys proved to be a stroke of genius for the Istanbul-based team, “Fenerbahce.” The Lithuanian coach’s initiative set the stage for a resounding success as his team dominated Tel Aviv’s “Maccabi” with an impressive 109-74 victory on Thursday at the “Kalnapilio” arena.

Originally slated to be held in Istanbul, the game was shifted to Panevezys at Jasikevicius’ behest, a move prompted by the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine and the intricate diplomatic relations between Turkey and Israel. This decision not only showcased the coach’s adaptability but also contributed significantly to the team’s triumph.

Expressing gratitude for the warm welcome extended by Panevezys, Jasikevicius acknowledged the unexpected nature of the outcome when facing such a formidable opponent. Despite not anticipating such a resounding victory, he emphasized the team’s happiness with both the game and the final result. The win held particular significance for Fenerbahce, coming on the heels of a setback against “Crvena Zvezda.”

Jasikevicius went on to describe the unique atmosphere surrounding the team during their stay in Panevezys. The unfamiliar surroundings, coupled with the supportive environment, created an interesting dynamic for the players. He highlighted the contrast of playing what felt like home games in a foreign setting, expressing gratitude for the reception received and emphasizing the importance of securing a crucial point in the EuroLeague standings.

The match not only showcased Fenerbahce’s prowess on the court but also marked a historic moment as they set a EuroLeague record for performance with an impressive 109 points. The previous record, standing at 107 points, was achieved by the Istanbul team in 2022 against Athens’ “Panathinaikos.”

In a lighthearted remark, Jasikevicius shared that the club was already taking steps to book a hotel as they prepared to move to Panevezys. This humorous comment added a touch of levity to the post-game reflections.

Adding to the uniqueness of the match, both teams took the court donning yellow uniforms, creating a visually distinctive spectacle. Addressing pre-game concerns about potential confusion due to matching colors, Jasikevicius downplayed the issue, expressing relief that the situation wasn’t as problematic as anticipated.

In summary, Jasikevicius’ decision to relocate the game to Panevezys not only showcased his strategic acumen but also contributed to Fenerbahce’s outstanding performance and record-breaking success in the EuroLeague. The coach’s reflections on the experience, the warm welcome in Panevezys, and the team’s unique atmosphere added depth to the significance of this memorable match.