Returning to Lithuania, Jasikevičius talks about Maksvyčius' dismissal and Trinchieri

Returning to Lithuania, Jasikevičius talks about Maksvyčius’ dismissal and Trinchieri

On Thursday, Šarūnas Jasikevičius, currently coaching Istanbul’s Fenerbahçe in the EuroLeague, provided insights into the changes within the coaching staff of Žalgiris during the match in Panevėžys against Istanbul’s “Fenerbahçe.”

The game between Istanbul and Tel Aviv’s Maccabi teams underwent an unusual relocation, prompted by security concerns. Fenerbahçe entered this match following their first defeat under Jasikevičius against Belgrade’s “Crvena Zvezda.”

During his visit to Lithuania on Wednesday, Šaras Jasikevičius also reflected on the alterations within Žalgiris’ coaching staff. Kazys Maksvytis, who had been dismissed, was succeeded by Andrea Trinchieri. According to Jasikevičius, choosing Panevėžys for the EuroLeague match was among the final options, with the alternative being to postpone matches indefinitely. He explained, “Simply put, we wanted to save the game and the schedule, so Panevėžys worked out. It is what it is; our job is to play.”

He acknowledged the challenges, emphasizing the need for the team to persevere and strive for points. Anticipating unconventional matches ahead, he stressed the importance of focus and executing the game plan effectively. Reflecting on Maksvytis’ departure, Jasikevičius admitted to some surprise, describing a process of evolving ideas that unfolded. Despite the unpredictability, he expressed confidence in the newly appointed coach, Andrea Trinchieri.

Jasikevičius highlighted Trinchieri’s extensive experience, particularly in European basketball, and lauded him as one of the best European coaches. Describing Trinchieri’s coaching style as well-rounded, with expertise in both offense and defense, Jasikevičius foresaw positive developments for Žalgiris under his leadership.

Taking over as head coach of Fenerbahçe on December 14, Šaras Jasikevičius has witnessed notable success, securing seven victories for the team. Acknowledging the challenges of maintaining progress, especially during the holiday season, he emphasized the importance of utilizing time effectively. Despite the inherent difficulties, he conveyed a pragmatic perspective, noting that the nature of the job was relatively clear when he assumed the coaching role.