Pangos Chooses 'Valencia' Instead of 'Žalgiris': 'It Was the Wisest Decision

Pangos Chooses ‘Valencia’ Instead of ‘Žalgiris’: ‘It Was the Wisest Decision

Kevin Pangos, the Canadian basketball sensation, recently shared insights into his decision to join the Valencia basketball team, a move that marked a significant shift from his association with Kaunas’ Žalgiris.

Having previously been a pivotal part of the Žalgiris team, Pangos found himself at the center of attention as he discussed his transition to Valencia. The move was particularly noteworthy, given that it occurred in December, catching the basketball community by surprise. Notably, the decision was not received well by Ettore Messina, the strategist for Milano’s ‘Emporio Armani’ team, adding an intriguing layer to Pangos’ journey.

This transition gained further attention over the weekend when Pangos made a triumphant return to the court after a two-month hiatus. In an impressive performance against ‘Gran Canaria’ from Las Palmas, he showcased his skills, scoring 5 points and contributing 3 assists in just 14 minutes of play. Reflecting on this comeback, Pangos revealed the challenges he faced during the training hiatus, emphasizing the mental and physical hurdles. “I missed two months of training and contact with teammates. It wasn’t easy, but I focused on things I could control. I will try to give my all,” Pangos stated.

The decision to leave Žalgiris, a team he had been associated with since November, was not taken lightly by Pangos. Despite the longstanding ties, he ultimately chose to embrace a new chapter in his career by moving to Spain. Pangos expressed confidence in this decision, stating, “I think it was the wisest decision. I have played against ‘Valencia’ many times, so I know it’s a big club. I watched how the team played this season and saw that it can compete with everyone. It’s very important to me.”

Adding an intriguing dimension to his move, Pangos found familiarity in Valencia as he joined forces with another former Žalgiris player, Brandon Davies. The camaraderie between the two players provided insights into the club and the city, making Pangos feel welcomed despite the long and complex process leading to his transfer. “It became another factor. He told me about the club, about the city. The whole process was long and complicated, but I am extremely happy to be here,” Pangos shared.

The anticipation is now building as Valencia is set to face Žalgiris on Tuesday, creating an emotional reunion for Pangos. Additionally, the team will square off against basketball powerhouse Real Madrid on Thursday, marking a challenging yet exciting start to Pangos’ journey with Valencia. As he navigates this new chapter, basketball enthusiasts worldwide will be keenly watching the Canadian’s performance and the impact he brings to his new team.