Night we won't forget for a long time: all "Real" and "Anadolu Efes" records in Madrid

Night we won’t forget for a long time: all “Real” and “Anadolu Efes” records in Madrid

The clash between Madrid’s “Real” and Istanbul’s “Anadolu Efes” teams on Friday not only delivered an unforgettable spectacle but also etched its name in the annals of EuroLeague history by breaking several tournament records. In a mesmerizing encounter, Chuso Mateo and Erdem Cano’s teams battled through an astounding four overtimes, culminating in a hard-fought victory for “Real” with a final score of 130:126, thus maintaining their unbeaten record at home.

The triumphant champions of the last three EuroLeague seasons not only left spectators in awe but also left an indelible mark on the record books:

Shane Larkin, the leader of “Anadolu Efes,” set a historic milestone by playing the most minutes in a single game in EuroLeague history. Despite an average season playing time of less than 33 minutes, Larkin spent a remarkable 53 minutes and 11 seconds on the court during this epic showdown.

The intensity of the game was further magnified as “Real” and “Anadolu Efes” shattered the record for overtimes. Prior to this match, EuroLeague had never witnessed a game extending beyond three overtimes.

Unsurprisingly, after the marathon of four overtimes, “Real” emerged as the team with the highest points scored in a single EuroLeague game. The Turkish powerhouse, “Anadolu Efes,” secured the second spot on this list, with previous record-holders being the teams “Maccabi” and “Panathinaikos,” who had jointly scored 123 points.

This historic showdown also claimed the title of the highest-scoring EuroLeague game in history. The previous record of 236 points belonged to the teams “Panathinaikos” and Bologna’s “Fortitudo,” achieved in 2004.

Džanan Musa, instrumental in leading “Real” to victory, etched his name in the record books by scoring the most points in a single EuroLeague match in the team’s history. This feat surpassed the previous high of 33 points, achieved by Facundo Campazzo in 2023 and Luka Dončić in 2017.

Remarkably, the 40-point mark had eluded any player in the “Real” team in this century. Notable performances included Jaycee Carroll’s 36 points in the Spanish championship and Louis Bullock and Kaspars Kambala’s 35 points in the European Cup.

Breaking new ground, the match also saw three players from the same team scoring 25 points or more in a single game—an unprecedented achievement. Musa and Hezonja set personal records with 40 and 31 points, respectively, while Facundo Campazzo contributed 25 points to the remarkable feat.

In a testament to their collective prowess, “Real” achieved another milestone as four players scored 25 or more efficiency points in a single game—Musa (46), Campazzo (30), Hezonja (26), and Walter Tavares (35)—a display of extraordinary teamwork and individual brilliance. The game will undoubtedly be remembered as a defining moment in EuroLeague history, showcasing the resilience, skill, and records that can be shattered when two powerhouse teams collide on the court.