Lekavičius - about the extended journey and the changed 'Žalgiris': 'For me - only benefit

Lekavičius – about the extended journey and the changed ‘Žalgiris’: ‘For me – only benefit

The journey to Barcelona proved to be more arduous than anticipated for the Kaunas “Žalgiris” basketball team, as chronicled in the aftermath by player Lukas Lekavičius. Arriving in the Spanish city on Wednesday evening, the team faced unexpected challenges during their trip, which was originally expected to be a brief 50-minute flight but ended up stretching into a taxing 12-hour endeavor.

Despite the physical toll of the extended journey, Lekavičius underscored the paramount importance of their safe arrival. The team, having navigated the travel tribulations, promptly adjusted their schedule. With a late arrival on Wednesday, they regrettably had to cancel a planned recovery training session. Undeterred, they strategized to compensate with a dedicated practice session scheduled for Thursday, aiming to thoroughly analyze their upcoming opponents and fine-tune their preparation for the crucial EuroLeague 21st round match against the local powerhouse, “FC Barcelona,” on Friday at the “Palau Blaugrana” arena.

Adding an intriguing dimension to the team’s dynamics is the recent inclusion of head coach Andrea Trinchieri. Lekavičius shed light on the alterations in the team’s playing style brought about by Trinchieri, emphasizing a notable escalation in the pace of the game. According to Lekavičius, the coach places a premium on a rapid, dynamic style of play, advocating for the presence of two guards on the court simultaneously. Lekavičius, clearly favoring the quicker brand of basketball, not only perceives it as a considerable advantage but also pointed out the increased playing time he enjoys alongside teammate Keenan Evans under this strategy.

Anticipation and strategy dominate the prelude to the impending clash against FC Barcelona. Lekavičius delved into the analysis of the opponent’s style, characterizing it as a fast-paced, free-flowing brand of basketball. Recognizing the talent of FC Barcelona, he stressed the imperative for Žalgiris to counter their adversary’s swift and dynamic approach on the court.

In conclusion, the article sets the stage for the Žalgiris vs. FC Barcelona showdown, underscoring the significance of the EuroLeague match scheduled for Friday at 21:30 local Lithuanian time. The team’s resilience in the face of travel challenges and their commitment to adapting their preparation, coupled with insights into the evolving playing style under Coach Trinchieri, injects a sense of anticipation and strategic contemplation as they gear up for this pivotal encounter on the basketball court.