Kęstutis Kemzura, preparing for the crucial battle against "Prometey," talks about the leaders of the team and the reaction after the Vilnius derby

Kęstutis Kemzura, preparing for the crucial battle against “Prometey,” talks about the leaders of the team and the reaction after the Vilnius derby

Wednesday marks a pivotal moment for the Vilnius “Wolves” as they gear up for a decisive match in the EuroLeague against Slobozhanska’s formidable “Prometey.” The outcome of this encounter holds significant implications, especially considering that a defeat could virtually extinguish the Wolves’ chances of advancing to the EuroLeague playoffs.

Expressing the gravity of the situation, Kęstutis Kemzura, the coach of the Wolves, acknowledged the importance of the upcoming match. He stressed that while they recognize the significance of the game, the focus should remain on themselves – their skills, determination, and the overall quality of their performance. Kemzura firmly believes that if the team brings their A-game, their chances of success are substantial.

The Wolves enter this crucial fixture on the heels of a painful loss to “Rytas” in the Vilnius derby, where they fell short with a scoreline of 72:89. Despite this setback, Kemzura remains optimistic, calling for concentration, resilient play, and cohesive teamwork in the face of Slobozhanska’s “Prometey.”

Highlighting the evolution of Prometey since their previous encounter, Kemzura pointed out the addition of more offensive talent to their roster. He emphasized the individual prowess of their players who can create scoring opportunities and influence the game’s outcome significantly.

Looking ahead to Wednesday’s clash, Kemzura identified key focal points for the Wolves. The battle for rebounds and a solid defense against the rapid offensive maneuvers of Prometey are deemed crucial aspects of their strategy. Kemzura emphasized the importance of grabbing rebounds, acknowledging Prometey’s proficiency in transitioning quickly from defense to offense and capitalizing on scoring chances.

While recognizing Prometey’s defensive capabilities, Kemzura underscored their preference for an attacking style, which he believes they execute exceptionally well. Despite the formidable challenge posed by Prometey’s Ronaldas Marchas and Tai Odiase, who average 12.4 and 11.2 points, respectively, along with 4.8 rebounds each, Kemzura remains resolute. He acknowledges the difficulty in completely stopping them but stresses the need to limit their impact, aiming to take away 10 percent from their game, all while maintaining a solid offensive performance.

In essence, Wednesday’s match is not just a game for the Wolves; it’s a test of their resilience, strategic prowess, and ability to overcome adversity in the pursuit of EuroLeague success.