Historical statistics of Jokic: didn't score many points but was powerful elsewhere

Historical statistics of Jokic: didn’t score many points but was powerful elsewhere

The Denver Nuggets‘ recent victory against the Detroit Pistons showcased an exceptional performance by Nikola Jokic, as he displayed some remarkable statistics and accomplished a unique feat in NBA history:

  • The Denver Nuggets, led by coach Mike Malone, secured a convincing win against the struggling Detroit Pistons with a final score of 131:114. The Detroit Pistons, who had only managed to secure 3 wins in 36 games this season, faced a tough challenge against the Nuggets.
  • Despite spending just over 24 minutes on the court, Jokic made a significant impact. While he only scored 4 points, he delivered an impressive 16 assists, grabbed 7 rebounds, and recorded 5 blocks during the game.
  • Notably, Jokic achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first player in NBA history to record 15 assists, 5 rebounds, and 5 blocks without scoring 5 or more points. Additionally, he matched his personal record with 5 blocks during the game.
  • It’s worth highlighting that Jokic accomplished all of these feats before the fourth quarter, demonstrating his exceptional performance even when his contributions were deemed unnecessary due to the Nuggets‘ solid lead.
  • Alongside Jokic‘s standout performance, Jamal Murray was the most productive player for the Nuggets, contributing 37 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Michael Porter Jr. also made significant contributions, each scoring 18 points.
  • On the Pistons‘ side, center Jalen Duren had a notable performance, scoring 20 points, grabbing 5 rebounds, and making 4 assists, despite being on the losing team.

Overall, the game displayed the Nuggets‘ dominance over the Pistons, with Jokic‘s unique statistical performance standing out as a remarkable achievement in NBA history.