Before the head-to-head encounter - Željko praises Šaras

Before the head-to-head encounter – Željko praises Šaras


The upcoming EuroLeague clash between Istanbul’s Fenerbahçe and Belgrade’s Partizan is generating considerable anticipation, with one of the most intriguing storylines being the tactical battle between coaches Šarūnas Jasikevičius and Željko Obradović. Despite their amicable relationship, the two tacticians are expected to approach the game with different mindsets following contrasting performances in recent matchups.

Jasikevičius’ Triumph and Partizan’s Setback:

In their previous outing, Fenerbahçe, under the guidance of Jasikevičius, showcased a stellar performance, dominating Tel Aviv’s Maccabi with an impressive 109-74 victory in Panevėžys. The Lithuanian coach’s strategic prowess was evident as his team seamlessly translated individual talents into cohesive team play, setting the stage for an intriguing clash against Partizan.

On the flip side, Partizan endured a painful defeat in the Belgrade derby, succumbing to Roko Giedraičio’s Crvena Zvezda. The loss left them with a sense of disappointment, raising questions about their resilience and ability to bounce back in the upcoming EuroLeague fixture.

Obradović’s Redemption in the Adriatic League:

Despite Partizan’s setback, Željko Obradović found solace in a convincing victory in the Adriatic League. His team displayed dominance, securing a 96-76 win against Krka. Post-match, Obradović took the opportunity to commend Jasikevičius for his team’s outstanding performance against Maccabi, acknowledging the evident transformation in their style of play.

“We are expecting very tough matches, just like the ones we played in Belgrade,” Obradović remarked, hinting at the competitive nature of the upcoming EuroLeague encounter.

Anticipation for the Rematch:

The first encounter between Fenerbahçe and Partizan ended in a nail-biting finish, with Partizan emerging victorious with an 85-84 scoreline. The memory of that intense battle adds an extra layer of anticipation to the upcoming rematch. Partizan currently holds the 8-11 position in the EuroLeague standings, having secured 9 victories in 17 matches. In contrast, Fenerbahçe sits at 4-7 with 10 wins, setting the stage for a crucial clash that could impact their respective standings.


As the EuroLeague showdown between Fenerbahçe and Partizan approaches, the clash between Šarūnas Jasikevičius and Željko Obradović takes center stage. With contrasting recent performances, the coaches are expected to bring unique strategies to the table, promising an intense and closely contested matchup. The outcome of this game could significantly influence the standings, making it a must-watch for basketball enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the drama to unfold on the EuroLeague stage.